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Cineamo supports cinema operators with effective visitor growth, intelligent cost optimization and micro-cinema concepts. With Cineamo you can make your cinema ready for the future! What are you waiting for?

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Your own cinema app from 0, - €

As your own cinema app, Cineamo is already available free of charge in the App Store, Google Play Store and on the web. It all starts when Cinema fans select their favorite cinema, e.g. your cinema, then they will be kept up to date with the latest cinema programs and take part in exciting discussions.

As a partner cinema of Cineamo, you and your cinema-goers enjoy many additional advantages and functions!


Cinema program and tickets

As long as you use an online ticket system, the basic functions for your cinema are already included free of charge, such as the current cinema program and commission-free ticket purchase. Additional superpowers that go beyond the basic functions are made available to your cinema with a Cineamo subscription.

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Reach your visitors directly at any time

Your cinema is directly connected to your cinema visitors via Cineamo. Only via Cineamo can you send information as push notifications directly to your customers' smartphones - in real time! Your customers receive the information immediately.

Increase visitor numbers and better utilize capacity

With Cineamo Events, your customers actively help to shape the cinema program by creating their own cinema screenings. You can process an event request, with a desired movie on the desired date, in a few minutes. Regardless of whether it is a public event or a private screening, as a cinema you will always keep full control over content and deadline.

Most of the 1,600+ event requests are made for slots outside of prime time. So, Cineamo events use your capacity noticeably better. The ideal addition to any cinema.

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Gain more independence and access new target groups, showing more than just new releases.

Cineamo events are primarily about alternative content. Inquiries are mostly made for catalog titles or classic movies that cinema fans have missed or want to enjoy on the screen again. Over 500,000 movies and series are available to choose from. With additional event types like Gaming, own content and company events you can easily access new target groups. The easy management of your events with Cineamo also offers the perfect software solution for micro cinema concepts.

Modern cinema marketing in times of social media

The megatrends of viral marketing via social media, digitization and mass customization have become an integral part of our consumer behavior. With Cineamo, your cinema marketing will be focused on exactly these trends because all content can be shared within the Cineamo app.

With our viral functions, your customers can share cinema screenings, events, deals and talks with friends and acquaintances on social media, WhatsApp, email etc. Cineamo also provides extensive press-ready content for your own cinema channels, on screen and in the foyer. Modern cinema marketing via plug & play!

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Real customer orientation through customer proximity

The cinema of the future is customer-oriented. How could it be different? Across the B2C sector, those who focus on their customers and deliver individual offers always see the best results. With radio, Podcasts, streaming etc, we see customer participation or on-demand content almost everywhere. And now in cinema!

Create customer proximity through participation and easy customer dialogue. With Cineamo you make your cinema prepared for the future.

Your control center

Cineamo for cinema operators

You can access your cockpit for Cineamo conveniently via the web browser. As a cinema employee, you simply log in with your personal access data. No installation or training necessary. Cineamo is as easy as using an iPhone. As a counterpart to the app for cinema visitors, you as a cinema operator will find the following features here, among others:

Event management

Process incoming event inquiries from cinema-goers and companies with just a few clicks. You can always stay in contact with the inquirer via the chat. The central overview of all inquiries and planned events prevents email or note chaos. All cinema employees can access Cineamo at any time so everyone has the same level of knowledge and no information is lost.

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