Have you ever wanted your own cinema? Rent it now with Cineamo!

Cinema in a glass sphereCinema in a glass sphere

Now the cinema is yours!

With Cineamo you can now decide on your own cinema program. With the Cineamo app you simply rent your own screen in your favorite cinema. You choose your preferred date and what is on the screen. movies, series or your own gaming event ! The canvas is yours.

Exclusive and secure rented cinema

No unwanted neighbors. No strangers' heads in the picture. Only you and your guests come with you to your private performance in the rented cinema. There are no strange contacts for you. Distance rules and contact details are no problem. A safe visit to the cinema is a must nothing in the way.

You are the boss in your own cinema!

Current cinema program or classics! Missed movie or favorite flick! Or even gaming in the cinema! There are no limits to your imagination. With the Cineamo app and your own cinema you are the cinema boss. Your visit to the cinema becomes a private event.

This is how it works:

What ideas do you have for your own cinema?

The dream of a movie in the cinema
An unforgettable date
Birthday with friends and family
Children's birthday party in the cinema
Your own eSports tournament
Special movie evening with the club

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Your gaming event in the cinema

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Celebrate a birthday in the cinema

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Hold your company events in the cinema

Planning and organizing an event for your company has never been so easy. With Cineamo you can bring your company event to the cinema with just a few clicks. Discover it now!

What people are saying about Cineamo

„What a great idea! I just love going to the movies and with Cineamo I can finally have a say in what is shown.“

Matthias Clad

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