Your future cinema - available today as an app and on the web!

With Cineamo you can use innovative ideas to transform a traditional visit to the cinema into an unforgettable experience. Together we will change the way we experience cinema.

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Cineamo laptop and phone devices

Cineamo on the web

In addition to the Cineamo smartphone app, you can now use all Cineamo functionality via your web browser. Explore the current cinema programs and the latest trailers, start your own events or discuss with the community. Cineamo on the web leaves none of your Cinema wishes unfulfilled.

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Rediscover your cinema with Cineamo

Start unforgettable cinema events with Cineamo. Check the current cinema programs and exchange ideas with other cinema fans. Your cinema can do more - with Cineamo!

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Your event in the cinema

This is how you bring your movies and events to your cinema

Your dream movie, gaming or other personal events in your favorite cinema? We'll show you how you can use Cineamo to send your event requests to the cinema with ease.

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Your gaming event in the cinema

Do you still play your video games on a tiny screen? With Cineamo you bring your moves to the big screen!

Why Cineamo?

Your own cinema? Rent it now!

From now on you determine your own cinema program. With Cineamo you simply rent your own screen in your favorite cinema.


Hold your company events in the cinema

Planning and organizing an event for your company has never been so easy. With Cineamo you can bring your company event to the cinema with just a few clicks. Discover it now!