Learn from movies. School cinema now easy via our app!

Teachers and schools are now organizing school screenings in the cinema with the Cineamo app. This will make your lessons an unforgettable experience!

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School cinema can do more

Often underestimated. More than a simple form of teaching: As an educationally valuable teaching medium, film appeals to all senses and emotions. School performances in the cinema achieve the greatest learning effect. This applies to dramas and Comedies as well as documentaries. Don't forget foreign language movies. Difficult content becomes an unforgettable experience.

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Organize school cinema without any effort

The Cineamo smartphone app connects schools of all kinds, teachers and cinemas. You can send the request for your school performance to the cinema of your choice with all the important information in just a few minutes. You communicate directly with the app the cinema. No queries by phone or email are necessary.

School cinema outside the school cinema weeks

Going to the cinema with school is a year-round thing. Teachers don't only book film screenings for school classes during the nationwide school cinema weeks. With Cineamo you can send your request to the cinema of your choice at any time.

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Selection of movies specially recommended for school screenings

In the selected movie lists you are guaranteed to find the right movie for your school class. The movie selection is arranged according to grade and topic. In addition, any movie is available for a school cinema screening. The current cinema program rounds off the offer for school screenings.

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Go to the cinema with the school class via app

With the Cineamo app, a school screening in the cinema is just a few clicks away. Your request with the movie and date you want goes directly to your favorite cinema:
1. Cineamo in your app store or on the webDownload the Cineamo app for free on your smartphone or use Cineamo on the web. Always without any advertising or hidden costs, guaranteed.
2. Choose a category and start the requestDecide whether your event is private just for you or public for all cinema-goers. In addition to films, you can also use Cineamo to bring a series, gaming event or your own content to the screen.
3. Choose a film and tailor your eventChoose a specific film title or browse through the cinema or film distributor's recommendations. If you have chosen a different category, just give your event a title and a short description. What is your event idea?
4. Choose the desired date and alternativesChoose your preferred date. Cineamo tip: The chances that your event will be approved by the cinema are higher if you add a couple of alternatives and choose time slots outside of prime time.
5. Receive confirmation and share the event with friendsOnce you have received the approval or your non-binding offer from the cinema, nothing stands between you and an unforgettable evening at the cinema. If you share your event with friends, you can secure free tickets. Grab your friends, popcorn and drinks and head to the cinema. Nothing can stop the perfect surprise! Only you and your chosen guests are invited. What are you waiting for?

School cinema with Cineamo

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School cinema 24/7, all year round

Make your inquiries day or night whenever you want and choose your preferred date.

Recommended film selection for your lessons

You will find the right film for your lesson in the selected film lists.
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Easy organization of your school performance

With just a few clicks, you can send all the important information to the cinema and receive feedback directly in the app.

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