Gaming event in the cinema? Rent a cinema and play on the screen with Cineamo!

Organize gaming events in the cinema - nice and easy

Gaming on the big screen?

Do you still play your video games on a small screen? Then you don't know Cineamo yet. The cinema app finally brings your favorite game to the big screen. Start an event in your favorite cinema alone or with friends.

What are you waiting for? Secure a screen for your own exclusive gaming event.

Bring games to the big screen and start a gaming event with friends
Gaming on the PS5, XBOX and Co. - Gaming in the cinema made easy

Gaming in the cinema - an experience in a class of its own!

New game consoles need special experiences in HD. 4K resolutions need 4K screens. Your video game needs you. And Cineamo takes you to the movies. Why not use the movie theatre with your friends for a PS5 session? Christen your new XBOX on the big cinema screen. Or defeat your opponents in a public eSports event. The possibilities are endless!

Let the video games begin!

Experience gaming on the big screen!

Fifa on the PS5, Fortnite on the XBOX or Nintendo Mario Party - Gaming with your friends

Either your cinema has the console ready for you or you bring your own with you. PC games are also possible. Sport, shooter or arcade. You decide the game. Turn the screen into your gaming arena.

What will your Gaming event in the cinema be?

Cinema Games Gaming
Gaming on the PS5, XBOX and Co. - Gaming in the cinema made easy

Streaming on the silver screen

Never miss a Twitch stream of your favorite gamer or influencer? Why not watch the stream on the cinema screen? Grab your friends and head to the movies! Whether it's a special streaming event or Lets Play's - there are no limits to your individual wishes!

How do I request a gaming event at the cinema? This is how you rent your own cinema for a unique event:
With Cineamo, you submit the request for your gaming event directly to your favorite movie theater. You rent the movie theater only for your private gaming event with your favorite game or organize a public event, e.g. eSports tournament, streaming of your favorite influencer or competitive video gaming.Gaming
1. Download the Cineamo app for free on your smartphone or use Cineamo on the web. Always without any advertising or hidden costs, guaranteed.Download the Cineamo app for free on your smartphone or use Cineamo on the web. Always without any advertising or hidden costs, guaranteed.
2. Choose a category and start the requestEntscheide, ob dein Event privat nur für dich oder öffentlich für alle Kinobesucher steigt. Neben Filmen, bringst du mit Cineamo auch Serien, {0} oder deine eigenen Inhalte auf die Leinwand.
3. Choose movie and configure unique gaming eventChoose a specific movie title or browse recommendations from the cinema and film distributors. If you have chosen a different category, simply give your event a title and a short description. Whether streaming, gaming with Nintendo, X-box, Playstation or Let's Play on the big screen. Grab your friends, console and controller. What are you waiting for?
4. Choose the desired date and alternativesSelect your preferred date. Cineamo tip: The chances that your event will be accepted by the cinema are higher if you add alternative dates for your gaming event and choose time slots outside prime time.
5. Receive confirmation and share the event with friendsOnce you have received the confirmation or your non-binding offer from the cinema, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable gaming evening. If you share your event with friends, you can get free tickets.
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Your advantages

7 Reasons Why You Should try gaming at the Movies:

Request conveniently from home via app or on the web
Minimal effort for planning and organizing your gaming event
As an exclusive cinema experience for your birthday
Fulfill your gaming dreams
Be the first to host gaming events in your area - Gaming, stream or watch Let's Play
Watch e-Sports tournaments up close and personal on gigantic screen
Immerse yourself in the world of your favourite game thanks to the immersive sound and picture experience

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