Celebrate your birthday or throw a kid's party in the cinema. Easy with the app!

Celebrate a birthday in cinema

Make your birthday party a special experience

Make your birthday party unforgettable or throw a surprise party? Celebrate at the cinema with popcorn, nachos and soft drinks! With the Cineamo cinema app, your birthday party will always be an extraordinary experience. The possibilities for you and your friends are endless: Whether it's a private screening of your favorite movie, a review of your wildest birthday parties, a gaming session on the big screen or much more. Only you and your guests will be admitted to your event! This is a safe and special way to celebrate your special day.

Make your birthday a unique experience
Childrens birthday party with popcorn in cinema

A relaxed children's birthday party in the cinema

Spending a child's birthday in the cinema doesn't just make their eyes shine. Because adults also have wishes for the big screen. An exciting Harry Potter marathon for the 16th birthday with their clique? Shaun the Sheep, Paddington the Bear or another children's film of your choice for the whole gang including accompanying persons? Dirty Dancing with the girls or fast cars and an extra portion of action for the boys. Or Meryl Streep for the Sunday matinee?

How will you celebrate your special day at the cinema?

Childrens' birthday party in the cinema, girls night out or gossip over coffee

Surprise party - Spend your birthday with the whole clique in the cinema!

Planning a surprise party for a friend with a group? A perfect occasion to spend a holiday at the cinema! Just you and your guests alone in their seats for the show in the cinema hall with popcorn, a drink and more! Everyone hopes they'll get an invitation to this party. Whether it's a kid's birthday party or an adult gathering, this special experience at the movies is guaranteed to please all of your birthday guests. Pack up the cake and grab your family and friends and off to the movies! We're here to help you from the planning stages to the event itself. No matter if you want to decorate the movie theater in a special way or if you want a special catering. Write all your wishes in the request via app.

Request your birthday in the cinema now – free of charge and completely without obligation!

Birthday surprise party
Cell phone with open app for cinema birthday

How do I organise an unique birthday event at the cinema? This is how to make your request in 5 easy steps:

With Cineamo, your birthday party at the cinema is just a few clicks away. Your request for a cinema birthday with your favorite film on the perfect date goes directly to your local cinema.

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