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Who we are

An unbeatable team

Our young startup consists of a colorful team from all over the world. Each team member has their own superpowers. Our mission: Through innovative ideas, we transform a visit to the cinema into an unforgettable experience.

What sets us apart: Everyone brings their skills to the start. We also like to take a look at each other's work and support each other.

Would you like to be a superhero at Cineamo?

How we work

Flexible, committed and responsible

It is important to us that every team member takes responsibility, pushing their tasks and ideas forward on their own initiative. Our superheroes would rather ask for forgiveness than for permission.

With mobile work and flexible time management, we create the optimal workplace conditions. You can use your superpowers at any time and from anywhere. Your creativity knows no bounds.

For us, the result is what counts in the end: Saving the world. Simple, right? No less important: cinema should continue to be synonymous with unforgettable events long into the future.

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Where we work

Seperate locations, but still working together

At Cineamo we work remotely from the start, ie from everywhere. Why? Because you don't have to be in the same office to pull together. But even Spiderman knew: Great strength follows great strength Responsibility.

Our team is motley and is almost all over the world. There are cinemas everywhere! What unites us is our love for cinema and the common vision for Cineamo.

Every now and then we also meet at our"Headquarters", the Cineworld Dettelbach near Würzburg.

Open positions

Your benefits

Flexible time management

Whether night owl or early bird - you decide when you are most productive and do your best work. Full flexibility - with personal responsibility.

Varied tasks

Our superheroes don't know the meaning of boredom. No day is like the other. Your fresh ideas meet with our open ears. In addition, many exciting topics await you.

Great team events

Occasionally we meet at our "headquarters"in the cinema or elsewhere in Germany. Delicious food, exciting cinema experiences and other surprises are waiting for you!


We work with cinemas, film distributors and other media partners - exclusive glimpses behind the scenes of the cinema industry are guaranteed.

Freedom of choice

At Cineamo you enjoy a lot of space to make your own decisions, set priorities and take responsibility.

Be part of something big

As part of our team you will enhance our product in revolutionizing an entire industry worldwide!
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Get to know our superheroes

Like the Avengers, our team saves the cinema world every day and prepares you unforgettable cinema experiences. Our superheroes come from all over the world.

Stop by and get to know your future fellow-superheroes now!

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