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Do you still see some question marks? Help is coming. We have collected the most frequently asked questions from cinema operators and the answers to them for you.

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Which movies can I request for my event?

In short: Any movie! The long answer: Our movie database contains over 600,000 movies. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you can also request the desired movie title in the “Own content” category.

How long does the processing take?

Give your cinema a few days. In the cinema business movies can only be shown if the corresponding screening rights have been granted, which can take a little time.

How do I increase the likelihood that my event will be accepted by the cinema?

Your cinema mainly plays regular cinema programs. The better your desired date fits in and if the corresponding capacity is free, the higher the probability of an acceptance. So, if possible, give several dates for your event and choose a time outside of prime time . Then you will have the best chances!

Which factors will affect the acceptance of my event request?

Many factors influence the acceptance of your event. The most important is your desired date and your alternative dates. In addition, your movie must have screening rights from the movie distributor. Is your event private or public? Chances of success of your event have an influence on the likelihood of acceptance. If you, as the inquirer, can generate interest for your event or guarantee to bring your group of friends with you, you have the best chances of an acceptance. For a successful event you will receive free tickets for the next visit to the cinema.

How can I advertise my event?

For a successful event, it is best to share your event widely with friends and acquaintances. Use the Cineamo share function to send the information about your event out via WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Facebook etc. Use social media (story or post) to make your followers aware of the event. Otherwise, of course, tell your colleagues, neighbors and the postman about your upcoming event. You will receive free tickets for a successful event for your next visit to the cinema.

Can I see my own movies and videos in the cinema?

Sure! With the “Own content” category you can see your own masterpieces on the big screen. It is important that your content can be played digitally. Your cinema has playback devices for BluRay and other digital video formats. Simply coordinate with your cinema via chat.

Which console can I use to play in the cinema?

Either your cinema will have a selection of its own consoles or you should simply bring your own to the cinema. The only important thing is that your game console has an HDMI connection. You should coordinate details with your cinema via the chat function within the request.

How much will my event in the cinema cost me?

For a public event, you only pay the price of a normal cinema ticket. This is because the event is open to all cinema-goers, just like any other movie from the cinema program. For a private event, the cinema will charge a screen rental fee, which is heavily dependent on the date selected and the free capacity of your cinema. In most cinemas you can rent your own cinema for as little as 99,00€.

Can I also watch a series in the cinema?

Yes, that works! However, your cinema has to put a little more effort into researching public screening rights and playback media. You have a higher chance of being accepted for your series event as a private screening. The best is simply to inquire! Your cinema can give you all the information you need about the event.

Is there a minimum number of visitors for my event?

No. As a cinema-goer would you plan a attend a cinema event that may not take place because too few tickets were sold? For your cinema, however, it is all the more important that your event as successful as possible. Share and pass it on! For a successful event you will receive free tickets for your next visit to the cinema.

What am I allowed to do and what not?

All employees, participants and users of Cineamo want everyone to feel comfortable at Cineamo and in the cinema. A lot is possible with Cineamo, but not everything can be allowed, because freedoms have a limit where they would restrict other freedoms. It is not okay to abuse Cineamo for unlawful or immoral behavior or to post or organize things in general that violate the law or morality. Each participating cinema has the freedom and the right to refuse, suspend or terminate offers for events in case of violations of the terms of use.

Why do I have to join Cineamo?

As long as you just want to „browse“, registration is not necessary. But if you want to use Cineamo more intensively will we need you to register and log in. We can only offer certain services when we can be sure that „you“ really exist ... ;-). This includes especially the organization of events. We only ask for as much information as we actually need to carry out the Cineamo services - we promise!

What do you do with my data?

On Cineamo, users can get in touch with other users or cinema companies. This can and should in many cases be anonymous. You can therefore use Cineamo to browse without giving any contact details. If you use Cineamo more intensively, to plan an event or if you want to meet up with other users, then at Cineamo – like in real life: To be on the safe side – you have to prove to everyone involved that „you“ exist and therefore enter your contact details. However, we only ask for the data from you that is absolutely necessary . Your personal data will only be used to guarantee the Cineamo service that you and the other users expect. Of course, we never share your contact details with other people or companies. This is particularly important to us! For details, please read our privacy policy, you can find it here:

Privacy Policy

I have planned a cinema event, but the cinema is not responding ...

A cinema can access hundreds of thousands of movies from numerous movie distributors. It depends on whether a) the license rights of your desired movie are free (this may need to be clarified with a little time) and b) the movie distribution company that supports your cinema. Sometimes - especially with particularly old / rare movies - the clarification can take a few days. If you have been waiting for an answer for more than 72 hours (three full days since your request), you are of course welcome to contact us so that we can bring some momentum to the booth.

Can I play a DVD or BluRay in the cinema?

If you have booked a so-called closed event, i.e. a private cinema event, you can bring a BluRay with you and have it played for you and your family and friends. However, special performance rights may apply to your BluRay that speak against it. This needs to be checked in advance on a case-by-case basis. Important: Under no circumstances may you charge money or any other entrance fee for this screening, nor may you advertise it in public. Please ask about the possibilities at your cinema via Cineamo. A DVD is also suitable. However, due to the significantly lower quality, not for the large cinema screens and the high-resolution projectors in the cinema.

I can't find my favorite cinema ...

We're sorry, we'll change that as soon as possible! We are still just at the beginning with our Cineamo idea, because Cineamo has not been in the app stores for too long, so we haven't been able to get all to cinemas join our community. But you can help us to speed it up. Write your cinema an email. You can find a sample text here (see below). Or send a request directly to your favorite cinema with Cineamo. We will forward it.

Request sample text:

Dear (your cinema), I am a fan of your beautiful cinema. Unfortunately I cannot yet find you on Cineamo, the cinema community for individual cinema events and ideas. I would very much like to host a Cineamo event at your cinema or participate in one of the many Cineamo cinema ideas. Cineamo is available as an app for smartphones and on the web. I hope you will like this tip. Best regards (Your name)

What is an event?

Thanks to their size – the many screens, seats, foyer areas and restaurants – almost all cinemas can do so much more than just show movies according to a rigid program. Cineamo connects you with your favorite cinema so you can realize your own ideas. It can be a special movie, but also the desire to play a great video game with others on the big screen (instead of at home on the monitor). Maybe you want to show a movie you made yourself, have a party, a give a lecture ... There are no limits to your creativity.

How can I secure free tickets?

If your event is successful, you will then receive free tickets for your next visit to the cinema. Success is measured by the actual number of visitors. As a rule, you receive one free ticket for every 25 visitors and two free tickets for 50 visitors. Therefore bang the drum loudly for the event – share and spread the word!

Where can I see the current status of my request?

You can see it in the Cineamo app or when you are signed in to the website under “My Inquiries”.

How can I ask questions about the cinema?

Either use the contact options that your cinema has given under “My Cinema” or send your question to the cinema as a comment within your event request. TIP: Use the talk function to send your question to the community .

How can I discuss my event with other cinema fans?

If your public event has been approved by the cinema, all Cineamo users can see it in the cinema program and discuss it in the detailed view of your event. Otherwise, you can talk and discuss with the community.


Can I use Cineamo without a smartphone?

Sure! You can use Cineamo and all its functions via your web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Just log in and get started!

How do I share deals, talks and movies with friends?

To do this, you simply use the share function. All content that is marked with the corresponding symbol for sharing, can simply be sent to friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp, Messenger, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Try it now!

I've moved. How do I change my cinema in the app?

If you are logged into Cineamo you can jump to your new cinema via “My Cinemas” in the menu.

How do I find out about events from other cinema fans?

If there are new events in your favorite cinema, we will notify you quickly and easily via push message. Make sure not to miss any events, give Cineamo permission via your system settings.

Can I also post pictures and videos in the talk?

Not yet! At least in the near future. As a startup we are still quite new to the cinema market with Cineamo. Our developers work almost around the clock to implement all new ideas and enhancements. The integration of images and videos in talk is already in our development pipeline. Please give us feedback for further ideas.

For cinema operators

Can my customers use Cineamo without an app?

Your customers can also easily use Cineamo and all functions via the web browser on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Can I also advertise my regular program with Cineamo?

Yes! All users are automatically informed about new Cineamo events in your cinema via push message. You can also notify your customers directly about individual performances from the regular program. This is also useful when directors visit, you offer free seats, promote special screenings or want to give a movie an extra boost.

What kind of deals can I create?

With just a few clicks you can create ticket deals or product discounts. Beyond that, there are no limits to your imagination. Anything you can settle at the cash register or online can also be created as a deal. In Deal you can also store a QR code or link for your cash register system.

Can I also create my own events?

Sure! As a cinema, you can create your own events with just a few clicks, which your customers will find among all other Cineamo events.

How can I publish my cinema news (blog)?

Log in to Cineamo as a cinema with your personal access data. Under “Blog” you can publish news quickly and easily as a blog post, eg reports on events, new movies, new products, Christmas greetings and much more. Your customers can find your news in the dedicated “Blog” section on Cineamo.

Can I add more cinema employees?

Yes! You can easily control which employees from your cinema have access to Cineamo yourself. All you need is their email address. The more employees connected to Cineamo the better, so that everyone has the same level of knowledge and event inquiries are processed promptly. It also makes sense to include marketing staff for advertising materials or projectionists for screen trailers.

Will Cineamo also replace my existing website?

Yes! Your Cineamo subscription includes your own website. There, your customers will find all the benefits and functions they know from the Cineamo app, eg cinema program and ticketing, deals, events, talk, your cinema news and much more.

Do I also receive marketing materials from Cineamo?

Yes! Cineamo provides you with everything you need to advertise your new cinema platform including the app. We also provide you with content for the screen, foyer and social media. You will also find articles for the press. Are you missing something? We would be happy to prepare additional documents for you.

How do I contact Cineamo if I need support?

Cineamo is as intuitive using an iPhone. If you still need help, we are happy to support you. You can always reach Cineamo via the embedded chat window whenever you are signed in. Otherwise, simply contact our staff by email or phone.

How do cinema-goer events become a success?

In short: Due to their natural attractiveness as a special event and modern cinema marketing. The long answer: Individual Cineamo events by visitors need modern and digital marketing by Cineamo, the cinema and the visitors themselves. Cineamo automatically informs all users about new events and you as a cinema include a public event in the regular program. The requesting visitor is incentivized by free tickets for future cinema visits to share his event with friends and acquaintances. Cineamo supports these viral effects with the simple share function, with the content directly via WhatsApp, email and social media.

Are there special requirements for gaming events?

As a cinema, you basically only need an HDMI connection on your projector to be able to carry out gaming events. Ideally, this is located in the cinema, with an appropriate extension cable. Either you offer your customers your own game console or the customer brings his own game console, which he connects directly to the projector in the cinema. If possible, an Internet connection or WLAN can be useful.

Where do inquiries for company events come in?

When you are logged in as a cinema, you can also find inquiries for company events in normal event inquiries in your Cineamo access.

Where can I see the distribution rights and conditions of movie distributors?

When you are logged in as a cinema, you will find information on over 500,000 titles in the “movie Library” area. Distributors who also have access to Cineamo can upload distribution rights and, if necessary, conditions for their titles. We were able to integrate this into a pilot project Start successfully with Studiocanal. Other distributors will follow shortly.

How can visitors bring their own content onto the screen?

Cinema fans can send requests for individual events directly to your cinema via the Cineamo app or on the web. They can choose from movies / series, gaming or their own content. Cineamo events take place either as public or private events in your cinema.

How much should the room hire fee for private events be?

In order to give private events the necessary attractiveness and to create a viable business model from them, we highly recommend not using a standardized price list and not using business prices for individual customers. Rather, the room rent should be individual depending on the content, date and staff - and opportunity costs. We would be happy to assist you in setting the optimal price.

How can Cineamo Events make better use of my capacities?

Cineamo events (including school screenings and company events) are mostly requested outside of prime time (7-10pm) and thus help to better utilize free capacity. As a cinema, you always have full control. For inquiries for prime time, for example Saturday evening, you can simply suggest a different time before or after the evening. However, Cineamo events are also potentially more successful in prime time.

Can I process an event request in a few minutes?

Yes! You can use Cineamo intuitively as easily as an iPhone. You only need a few clicks to process an event request.

How does my cinema program get into the Cineamo platform?

Depending on the ticket system, Cineamo docks directly to your system (e.g. Compeso, Cinetixx, Mars-EDV, etc.) and synchronizes your cinema program directly. If this connection is not possible or you are not using a ticket system, your program can be automatically synchronized via an external service provider, similar to other program providers or Google.

Are ticket sales via Cineamo free of commission?

Yes! Cineamo does not intervene in payment flows or make cinema tickets more expensive. Buying tickets via Cineamo forwards customers to your regular booking system within our platform. This way you do not incur any costs for ticket sales via Cineamo.

How do I save time when using Cineamo?

With Cineamo we want to simplify day-to-day business processes and save your resources. Event requests (public, private, company events or school presentations) can be processed quickly and easily thanks to the standardized request and communication. Event information is all in one place for all employees. Cineamo relieves the burden of movie planning by simply researching distribution rights for events and regular programs. If you also use Cineamo for modern cinema marketing and a website, there are no expenses.

Can I reach moviegoers spontaneously?

Yes! With Cineamo you can inform your cinema visitors in real time via push message directly on their smartphone. This way you can also reach your visitors spontaneously, e.g. for remaining seats, last minute changes, cinema news and much more.

Do I have to install software to use Cineamo?

No! Just use Cineamo in your web browser. As a cinema, log in with your personal access data and you are ready to go.

Is there any support available from Cineamo?

With our Cineamo Academy we will be offering a comprehensive range of advanced training courses for cinemas and movie distributors in the near future. We will support you with training videos, webinars and much more on topics such as social media, modern cinema marketing and controlling visitor behavior.

How do I best use my social media channels with Cineamo?

We provide extensive content to promote Cineamo as your own cinema app and other cinema topics for your social media channels. You will also receive separate content for your channels for each of your Cineamo events. It is important to publish content regularly in order to achieve the desired effect. TIP: Use the Cineamo Talk as a real social media platform to exchange ideas with cinema fans, because here you have the undivided attention of your customers, where it will not disappear between cat videos or food porn like on Facebook or Instagram.

What is the range of my cinema via Cineamo?

Logged into Cineamo you can see your current reach at any time under “User analysis”. By displaying our marketing materials on the screen, in the foyer and on social media, you always control your growth directly. In addition, Cineamo provides its own marketing for attention and awareness of your cinema app.

How does modern cinema marketing work?

Modern cinema marketing is primarily digital and customer-oriented. It successfully uses megatrends such as viral effects, customization and on-demand use. Building on this, the Cineamo platform ensures complete communication with digital customers, real-time communication and much more digital presence of your cinema on all devices. You benefit above all from Cineamo Online Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for high visibility on the Internet.

Can company events be booked?

Yes. Company events can easily be booked for companies via a separate request and are just as easy to manage for you as event requests from cinema-goers.

How far in advance are events usually requested?

Cineamo events currently have an average lead time of 15 days (based on over 1700 previous event requests)

Which are the most popular appointment slots?

The most requests, accounting for around two-thirds of the total, are for event slots outside prime time (Measured by over 1700 event requests to date).

How are public and private events differentiated?

Cineamo differentiates between private events, which you can settle for a room rental as usual, and public events, which shows the product's cheeky and innovative side. The inquiring cinema fan plans a public event in the regular program. They join forces together with the cinema and Cineamo to drum-up interest through social media and other digital channels and thus ensure successful events that are open to everyone.

Cineamo events are free of commission and advertising.

What is the minimum number of participants for a Cineamo cinema event?

Minimum number of participants sounds good, but does not help much. A minimum number of participants creates a big hurdle for cinema-goers and, among other things, contradicts the open rules of the Internet. A minimum number of participants is complicated to control and inhibits business; As a cinema-goer, would you commit to attending an event that may not take place because too few tickets were sold? What matters: Cineamo events complement your regular program and are always better than an empty room – guaranteed! Successful modern cinema marketing will make Cineamo events a success for your cinema.

Events, program, deals, talk ... what else?

The Cineamo ideas pipeline is filled to the brim with innovative concepts. Together with cinemas, movie distributors and cinema visitors we develop the best solution for your cinema. You can look forward to many innovations that will always put you, as a partner cinema, first. All without Surcharge!

How can I use Cineamo?

With Cineamo you can start immediately. No installation or training necessary. Book Cineamo online or contact our sales department. What are you waiting for?


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