Cinema can do more!

Cineamo supports you with digital customer communication with effective visitor growth, intelligent cost optimization and micro-cinema concepts.

With Cineamo you can use innovative ideas to transform a traditional visit to the cinema into an unforgettable experience.

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The Advantages


Increase visitor numbers

Visitors organize their own events
Market events and regular programs virally
Develop new target groups through alternative content (including gaming and much more)
Create customer proximity through digital customer dialogue
Become more independent of movie restarts
Time Money

Save time and money

Manage events quickly and easily
View screening rights and conditions in the movie library
Event information for all employees in one place
Relieve movie scheduling (without phone and email)
Inform moviegoers spontaneously and directly (via push messages)
Operate commission-free ticket marketing

Make better use of capacities

Especially at times that were previously under-utilized
Perfect for micro-cinema concepts
Easy acquisition and implementation of company events
Control visitor behavior by addressing customers digitally

Cinema program and tickets

The basic functions for your cinema are already included free of charge with the current cinema program and commission-free ticket purchase, provided that an online ticket system is used. Additional superpowers that go beyond the basic functions are given to your cinema with a Cineamo subscription.

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You receive

Premium tool for event organization

Optimal internal and external communication
Connection to ticket system and existing website
Integration of movie distributors

Premium cinema app

For iOS, Android and in Web
Complete presence of the cinema in app and web
Including its own cinema website with all important content and integrations (cinema program, opening times, etc.)

Future strategy

Alternative content for your cinema
Private performances, company events and school cinema
Customer proximity through participation
Integration of social media, influencers and communities


Individual introduction and support for the successful use of Cineamo
Cineamo Academy with training videos, webinars and much more for you and your employees
Extensive online and print marketing materials for advertising in your cinema
The latest software updates for life

As a successful cinema operator ...

... act in a committed and customer-oriented manner.

As a strong partner, we focus on the success of your cinema and cinema-goers. Together with you, we are committed to a future-proof cinema platform.

... benefit from your strong community.

You can build your own community with simple marketing. We provide you with all the necessary materials. A constant presence of your new cinema app ensures rapid growth and sustainable success.

... communicate with your customers.

Via Cineamo your customers exchange ideas with you as a cinema and with other cinema fans.

... you are open to creative ideas.

Cineamo transforms a classic visit to the cinema with many innovative ideas into an unforgettable experience.

Be open to creative ideas and customer requests!

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Why Cineamo?

Maximum customer orientation through individual events

With Cineamo, your cinema-goers actively help to shape the cinema program. So, you not only increase the number of visitors and make better use of your capacity, but your cinema is also fully in line with the trend of the times!

Why Cineamo?

Successful with your cinema app

Generate effective visitor growth with Cineamo. You save time and money and make your cinema fit for the future. Discover price and performance now!



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