Maximum customer orientation through individual events

With Cineamo you can make your cinema fit for the future in the age of streaming. Because cinema-goers can actively help to shape the cinema program. Individual cinema events not only increases the number of visitors and makes better use of capacity, but also puts your cinema fully in line with the trend of the times!

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Your cinema offers enormous potential for events. Unleash it now!

With Cineamo Events your customers can realize their cinema dreams, whether as a public event or a private screening. Cineamo is suitable for large and small cinemas, for cinema chains and independent movie theaters. Over 1,600 event inquiries speak for themselves:

Events can...

Increase visitor numbers and better utilize capacity

Most of the 1,600+ event requests are for appointments outside of prime time. As a cinema, you retain full control over content and appointments. Cineamo events use your capacities noticeably better. The ideal addition to any cinema.

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You book Cineamo for your cinema

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You book Cineamo for your cinema

As a cinema operator, you can easily control all of the content of your new cinema app (events, deals, talk, push messages and much more) via Cineamo in your web browser. Get the digital customer approach and direct contact with your customers with just a few clicks!

Cinema fans simply send their event request to the cinema via Cineamo

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Cinema fans simply send their event request to the cinema via Cineamo

In addition to movies and series, requests are made for gaming events, personal movie productions and much more in your cinema. Even company events or school cinemas. Cinema fans choose their preferred and alternative dates. As a cinema operator, you always have the possibility to suggest other dates for the requested event. This way, Cineamo Events perfectly complement your regular cinema program.

Check screening rights

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Check screening rights

By integrating the movie distributors first, you will find screening rights and applicable conditions for the requested movie quickly and easily directly in the request.

Private event or public performance

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Private event or public performance

For a closed private event, simply reply with a non-binding and commission-free offer to rent a cinema via Cineamo. For a public event, include the requested event in your regular cinema program. It is available to everyone at the normal ticket price.

Promise and inform event

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Promise and inform event

Once the content and date of the event have been selected and pre-rights have been granted, you give your approval. The cinema-goer then confirms via the Cineamo app. For public events, all app users also receive notification of the new event.

Incentivize customers and share events

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Incentivize customers and share events

For a particularly successful event - measured in terms of final visitor numbers - the requesting user receives free tickets for future cinema visits, because Cineamo events can be shared on many channels via the Cineamo app (social media, messenger , Email and many more). Also share the event on your cinema social media channels. Successful events through viral marketing!

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Why Cineamo?

Cinema can do more

Cineamo supports you with effective visitor growth and intelligent cost optimization. Discover all the advantages now!

Why Cineamo?

Successful with your cinema app

Generate effective visitor growth with Cineamo. You save time and money and make your cinema fit for the future. Discover price and performance now!



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