Covid 19 - Safe in the cinema!

Measures to protect against the corona virus have the highest priority in cinemas. Depending on the federal state, different corona rules apply. We provide information on safe cinema attendance and present the best solution for a carefree cinema experience: Simply rent a movie theatre!

Snacks in the cinema and mask
Friends in the Cinema 2022
Your own cinema

By far the safest way to visit the cinema

Want to go to the cinema without worrying about corona and high incidence rate? Strict hygiene regulations make going to the cinema as safe as it can be. 2G and 3G measures currently only allow people to go to the cinema who can prove they are vaccinated, recovered or tested. Many cinemas require people to wear a mask in the foyer and cinema hall, which creates additional safety. Masks can usually be removed at the seat. But it is even safer!

For the safest movie experience, rent the whole cinema with family and friends! It's usually not more expensive than a regular cinema ticket each. A cinema screen is often available for as little as 99€. This way you avoid strangers completely and you decide who enjoys the cinema programme with you. For your local cinema, this is a reliable source of income in the pandemic. It is easy to plan ahead and offers security for everyone. You can rent your own cinema screen via Cineamo. Simply submit your request via the app or here on the web. The best thing: First you choose your favourite film. Then choose your preferred date. What are you waiting for?

5 reasons why you should rent your own cinema

Security: No foreign contacts - Only you and your friends
Your own cinema program: the perfect film in your cinema on the perfect date
Support for local cinemas through scheduled screenings
Cheaper than you think. Prices from 99,-
The Cineamo app for renting a cinema
FFP2 mask for a safe visit to the cinema
Corona info for your cinema

Which Corona rules apply in cinemas?

The safety of cinema-goers is a top priority. Cinemas have strong ventilation systems and safe hygiene concepts. Best conditions for a carefree evening. Different regulations apply depending on the federal state. Often, a distinction is made between the cinema hall and the catering facilities in the cinema. In some cases, the 3G rule applies in the cinema bar and the 2G rule in the auditorium.

Keeping your distance and wearing a mask are among the most important measures. Admission may be regulated by proof of 2G or 3G. So you can only enter if you have been vaccinated, have recovered or have been tested. The use of a Corona app is recommended for this. If testing is mandatory, lateral flow tests are often available on site. The collection of contact details has now been dropped in many federal states. In the current year 2022, regulations will change further. The regulations follow the recommendations of the RKI.

Always check the current rules on your cinema's website beforehand.

Tips for a safe cinema evening

Keep your distance and wear a mask (e.g. FFP2 mask)
Note the hygiene concept and mask requirement
Follow the 2G (vaccinated or recovered) or
Pay contactless at the cinema
Have your proof of testing or vaccination ready. Don't forget your ID card!
Use the testing offered on-site (no PCR test needed)
Reserve your seat in advance with Cineamo
Vermeide die Stoßzeiten von Kinos
To be on the safe side, check the current rules directly on the cinema's website
Rent your own movie theater for an absolutely safe cinema experience
Rent a cinema for a data night
A private cinema event with Cineamo

For what occasion should I rent my own cinema?

Let our ideas inspire you! Most cinema fans combine their cinema event in their own cinema hall with a special occasion. For example, rent your cinema for a birthday party with friends. You can watch your favourite film or a film classic. Which film did you miss? Which one have you always wanted to enjoy on the big screen? Or balance body, mind and soul with a yoga class at the cinema. Shots of landscape, sea and nature will provide the right calming atmosphere.

Maybe you want to fulfil every gamer's dream. Gaming on the big screen! Whether it's Valentine's Day, a first date or an anniversary. The perfect date night is also available in your own cinema. Enjoy undisturbed togetherness with your romantic movie! Only an extra portion of romance can top this: your most beautiful moments on the big screen followed by the proposal of marriage. Nothing stands in the way of saying "yes".

Inspiration for your cinema experience

Exclusive cinema visit to watch your chosen film
Safe birthday celebration with friends and family
Classic movies back on the big screen
Missed a movie? Catch up now!
Safe trip to the cinema with your yoga group or fellow club members
Gaming on the big screen
Datenight with your favorite Romantic Movie
Special occasions: marriage proposal, wedding anniversary, anniversary, valentine's day, mother's day
Cineamo as app or on the web

How do I rent a cinema?

1. Cineamo in your app store or on the webDownload the Cineamo app for free on your smartphone or use Cineamo on the web. Always without any advertising or hidden costs, guaranteed.
2. Choose a category and start the requestDecide whether your event is private just for you or public for all cinema-goers. In addition to films, you can also use Cineamo to bring a series, gaming event or your own content to the screen.
3. Choose a film and tailor your eventChoose a specific film title or browse through the cinema or film distributor's recommendations. If you have chosen a different category, just give your event a title and a short description. What is your event idea?
4. Choose the desired date and alternativesChoose your preferred date. Cineamo tip: The chances that your event will be approved by the cinema are higher if you add a couple of alternatives and choose time slots outside of prime time.
5. Receive confirmation and share the event with friendsOnce you have received the approval or your non-binding offer from the cinema, nothing stands between you and an unforgettable evening at the cinema. If you share your event with friends, you can secure free tickets. Grab your friends, popcorn and drinks and head to the cinema. Nothing can stop the perfect surprise! Only you and your chosen guests are invited. What are you waiting for?

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