Your in-cinema gaming event. It's easy with Cineamo!

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Take your video games to the next level?

If you still play your video games on a screen that is much too small, you need to try Cineamo. The app finally brings your games to the big screen. Start your own private gaming event or with friends in your favorite cinema.

Request your event now with Cineamo!

The special cinema experience

New game consoles need new experiences. 4K resolutions need 4K screens. Your video game needs you. And Cineamo brings it all together in the cinema. Use the cinema for a PS5 session just with your friends. Dedicate your new XBOX on the big cinema screen. Or defeat your opponents in a public eSports event.

Let the video games begin!

Fifa on PS5, Fortnite on XBOX or Mario Party on Nintendo?

Either your cinema has the console ready for you or you bring your own with you. PC games are also possible. Sport, shooter or arcade. You decide the game. Turn the screen into your gaming arena.

What will your gaming event in the cinema be?

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This is how it works
With Cineamo you send the request for your gaming event directly to your favorite cinema. You can rent the cinema just for yourself or organize a public gaming event, e.g. eSports tournament or video gaming competition.
Your advantages

From now on you will only want to play in the cinema

Simply make a request via app or on the web
Minimal effort for planning and organizing your gaming event
As an exclusive cinema experience for your birthday
Fulfilling your gaming dreams
Be the first to host gaming events in your area
Follow e-sports tournaments up close and on the big screen
Immerse yourself in the world of your game thanks to the immersive sound and picture experience

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Why Cineamo?

This is how you bring your movies and events to your cinema

Your dream movie, gaming or other personal events in your favorite cinema? We'll show you how it's done!


Celebrate a birthday in the cinema

With Cineamo your birthday party will be extraordinary again. Discover how!

Why Cineamo?

Your own cinema? Rent it now!

From now on you determine your own cinema program. With Cineamo you simply rent your own screen in your favorite cinema.

What people are saying about Cineamo

„What a great idea! I just love going to the movies and with Cineamo I can finally have a say in what is shown.“

Matthias Clad

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